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Jacky Lunar is a Dutch DJ and producer. When she was 10-years old, she became a big fan of Alicia Keys and Elton John. They inspired her to learn how to play the piano and she was determined to become as good as the big stars she looked up to. The piano became her addiction and she would play for hours on end every single day. 

At age 15, inspired by Metallica and The Blue Man Group she started to play the drums and guitar as well. Five years later, when she was 20 years old she moved to a new city and bought her first Moog synthesizer. That’s when she got really addicted to experimenting with electronic sounds. With just Ableton and her MacBook she can produce and create everything she wants. The possibilities are endless and she was hooked. She started producing music every day and was dedicated to learn as much as possible about music production and the music industry.

She collaborated with other artists and bought her first DJ-set.

She prefers to produce techno beats with melodic sounds and play with several controllers, synthesizers and all kind of sounds.



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